Thanksgiving 2020 - Yo Girl Necey
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Ticket Winner - Yo Girl Necey
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Saturday Afternoon - Yo Girl Necey
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Saturday Afternoon - Yo Girl Necey
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Whee Play Commercial - Denise Nolan
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Producer/Midday producer WSRB 106.3FM 

August 2016 –  Present

Hammond In

  • Research daily on current events, topics, breaking news

  • Compile daily current news for midday radio host ​

  • Post to social media: Facebook, Instagram and blog on a daily basis

  • Provide customer service to all artists/clients in studio

  • Understanding that time management is very important in a fast- paced environment

  • Take meter readings at proper times/motor tower lights


Board Operator WYCA 102.3FM 

September 2014 - July 2016

Hammond, In   


  •   Take meter readings at proper times/motor tower lights 

  •   Enter correct promo’s, program open/close into prophet to air live  

  •   Operate digital audio console for live and recorded shows

  •   Responsible for taking payments from clients 



Radio Host

January 2010 - July 2016

Exhale Radio Show

WBGX 1570AM Chicago, IL

   •    Responsible producing quality radio show every Friday
   •    Outstanding communication with board operator 
   •    Research daily on current events, topics, breaking news
   •    Maintain working relationships with new and old PR marketing managers 
   •    Plan and organize guest to appear on the show or call in
   •    Interview guests  
   •    Engage with callers 
   •    Maintained energetic voice
   •    Attend and host events



Radio Host & Producer

January 2010 -  April 2014

Cross Talk   Radio Show                  

Chicago, IL

   •    Announcer for radio show open/close
   •    Research current topics our sociality and biblical
   •    Call in talk show
   •    Planned and organized pastors, gospel artists and leaders to appear on 

      radio show
   •    Prepared video live stream on internet




Midday Radio Host

June 2013 - October 2014

Gospel Impact Radio

Spartanburg South Carolina

   •    Syndicated radio show “Afternoon Vibe” 
   •    Reported directly to station manager Shawn Manuel
   •    Research current topics our sociality and biblical
   •    Prepare and edit pre-recorded interviews with Gospel Artists.
   •    Organized and schedule interviews 
   •    Read local and global announcements
   •    Plan, organize and code each show Monday – Friday 


   •    Wheatstone G-5 board 
   •    Behringer Eurodesk MX2442A 

   •    Peavey S-32 Sanctuary Series
   •    Adobe Audition
   •    Sam Broadcaster
   •    VoxPro 
   •    EAS ENDEC    

  •  Denon

Follow Your Dreams because no one will follow them like you do -




wine down

12PM - 4PM

Uncorked Conversation



Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


 MANAGEMENT | Exhale Media Group  219-378-6631      BOOKING |, 219-805-8384

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

It all started in 2006, Denise produced and hosted,two live Christian showcases,“Kick’em or Keep’em”and “PAS Unplugged ". These shows marked her entrance into the world of “LIVE" Radio. 

     Both shows were broadcast on three different radio stations (WBGX 1570AM) (WYCA 102.3FM) (1160AM) and streamed live simultaneously over the internet (www.PASE.TV).  These shows gave many local artists the opportunity to have their music heard over the air while also giving them a platform to perform live on stage.  Many artists have come through the doors while the show was on the air.  Many of those artists have gone on to win many accolades and awards.


     In 2008 Denise decided that she could increase opportunities for more artist to be heard by creating her own radio station, thus Exhale Radio and Exhale Media Group were formed. 

     Stay tuned because you never know whats next with this dynamic woman.

Photos By: Tyla Chanell

Your Best Friend on the weekend





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