Alicia Keys very own tea line Alicia Teas

Alicia Keys was amazing during the 2020 Grammy's. I can only imagine when she woke up on Sunday, January 26th and was beyond excited to be hosting for the second consecutive year "The Grammy's". Artists were ready to perform, sound check completed, dance routines and seats were assigned for one of the biggest nights of the year! Alicia was still celebrating her 39th birthday and ready to take the stage.

Alicia Keys dazzels in a silver gown with thigh high split

After the Grammy's Alicia Keys headed over to her after party to celebrate her 39th birthday along with her husband producer Swizz Beats. Alicia's gift from the hubby came as a total shock to her. Swizz Beats amazing gift to his beautiful wife was her own tea line, called Alicia Teas! Yes!! Her husband told the party guests that you can walk into Starbucks and you will see Alicia TEAS! Now talking about a birthday gift... Alicia responded by saying "thank you it means you did this very far in advance.”

He then said, “Everybody in Starbucks all around the world will gonna see Alicia Teas. Happy birthday, baby. Love you.”

Now that's major!

Alicia Keys Performs "Underdog" Feat. Brittany Howard | 2020 GRAMMY Awards




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