R&B songs referred to as "race records"

Today when we hear "R&B" we know it as Rhythm and Blues. Well back in the earlier 1900's we know that the U.S. was still segregated but in the 1920's black people started recording music. Mamie Smith was one of the first black musicians responsible for changing the music industry. Mamie recorded "Crazy blues/ It's right here for you" and it sold over 75,000 in one month.

Mamie Smith the first African-American artist to make vocal blues recordings.

Shortly after the money started coming in Billboard magazine referred the recordings as "race records" Record labels started to realize that the most important color was green and not black and white. Black artist didn't get the airtime and Billboard decided to publish "Harlem hit parade chart" to replace "race records." In 1949 the name changed to "Black chart," for some reason it kept changing until the 1990's which today we all know it as "Hip Hop/R&B charts"

Over the years music has changed and it also has been apart of our childhood memories, our high school days and even moving into our adulthood. Now think about how you listened to music as a child. Now think about how you listen to music as an adult, certain songs brings back memories of a relationship, a difficult time and I know it brings back memories about family. Music can change your whole entire mood and if you ask me...

Now that's major!




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